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Friday, January 19, 2018

Ladies in today's society we are always looking for Free of this and Free of this. Well have I found some awesome makeup for you! Shine Cosmetics offers #glutenfree #crueltyfree #parabenfree #slsfree #phthalatefree and #leadfree makeup for you!

Not only all that but they have AWESOME colors of lip gloss and shines, eye shadows and verstatle makeups.

I encourage you to research this company and check out their products. They are making big news on #youtube and #instagram!

Below is one of the best reasons for me why I love this company. Considering that I am a mother of two young ladies!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Struggle is real as a parent

Any parent knows it's not easy. It can be challenging on a daily basis, however it does have it's moments of being awesome. To those who don't have kids sometimes I honestly envy you. Don't get me wrong I love my family but days like today challenge who I am and challenges me to do the right thing instead of something much worse.

So this morning my 9 year old couldn't find anything to wear. This is a continued struggle every few weeks. However this morning when she is screaming inches from my face I had a decision to make, I could 1. Act on my instincts and smack her in the face as I would anyone else in my face. 2. Keep calm and let her finish so I could calmly explain to her that I had given her every opportunity to have some of her clothes washed. Yes I am one of those mom's who is teaching my kids responsibility and making them learn what it's like to work for the things you want.

Now she didn't like that answer of course because I'm holding her accountable for what she needed to do yet failed to do. After about 30 more minutes and some crying later she finally decided on an outfit. It was still a tense morning but as the day went on things got better. This evening she did apologize for the way she acted and knew it wasn't the right thing to do. I told her I accepted her apology but I want her to really think of her choices she is making. Everything in life is a choice and how we react has a great deal to do with the outcome.

This morning could have had a much worse outcome and I am proud of how I handled it when I was put to the test.

#kidsaretough #thestruggleisreal

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Let your Kiddo's play on the computer & Keep your files safe!

So I have been seeing it more and more on Social Media Sites, blogs and everywhere else, How to keep kids safe online and protect your computer from their accidents. For the last couple of years now I have been using a product called Magic Desktop.  When I was looking for a way to limit screen time, let them play their games or learn online all without me having to worry what they may get into or have them accidentally destroy my files.

I happened to just stumble upon Magic Desktop through a search and I am so glad that I did. Not only was it affordable but it allowed me a way to setup limits on their screen time, and that they have to do some learning before any of the "fun" games would unlock. I can even setup that they can't access the window's desktop or search the internet outside of when and what I setup. This program is great especially for younger kids and does have a lot of fun interesting things to do.

So if you are looking for a fun, easy and cheap way to keep your computer safe and allow your kids access to the computer I urge you to take a look at Magic Desktop!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Today's Public School System?!?

I'm finding myself getting more and more frustrated with the public school system. Now granted I work for our district as a Nutritional Service Aide, but this as granted me access to really see the inside works of the schools. I've made sure to be active in my children's school because I want to know what's going on in my children's lives.

One of the things I can say is SCREW this Common Core B.S. Bring back common sense. I understand that it can be important for some students to know where the numbers come from and how to turn a multiplication into an addition problem for easier solving. However it takes twice the amount of time to get the same answer. I know it's not only me who is frustrated a lot of the teacher's at my children's schools are frustrated as well. They see the kids struggling to understand but all they get told is keep pushing, hurry get through this lesson. It really is making me think that maybe I need to go back to homeschooling my kiddo's.

This is more of a Rant than anything but why can't we just get back to common sense. I could be wrong for thinking this and some people may disagree with me and that's okay. So here is my big questions and any teachers or anyone else who wishes to comment I would look forward to the input.

1. Whats the point really?
2. Do you find it more beneficial for the kiddo's or do you see them struggle more?
3. Why the rush to push the kid's through the school?

IS there any advice out there for or from parents who are have or going through the same thing?

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Barefut Essential Oils

I just have to share with you the wonderful essential oils from barefrut. Not only are they affordable but they are always adding great New products. So I joined with them after reading tons of reviews about their products. In the picture you can see my first purchase. I received all of those products plus one (not shown) for about $20 with their amazing deals. 

I must say it was pretty fast shipping as well. About a week if that. It really was like Christmas all over again. I love love love the ready balms!!! I used the peppermint for a headache I had and it did seem to work. Last night my youngest was having trouble calming down and going to sleep. So I let her smell some of the calming I had applied to my wrist and she honestly started to calm down. So then I went and got the sleeping balm and applied a small amount to get wrist, she was asleep within 30 minutes. It was amazing!

I highly recommend this company and their products! Keep an eye out for their amazing deals as well. Follow the link to check them out!!


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Welcome to my blog!

Alrighty well I decided to try and write a blog. This should be interesting. As a busy mom who is raising two girls and works and is always looking for the side hussle I decided why not share my stories with you.

So please feel free to join me in my struggles with daily life, my tips and reviews for things I do try, random rants and anything else along the way. If you have suggestions, ideas or anything else I look forward to getting an email about it. Often I may ask for your public opinion on certain things that maybe I haven't tried but am interested in.

So on we go to our new adventure and I welcome you to walk along it with me!

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