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Friday, June 15, 2018

Where to find me!

As many of you know I am involved in a lot of projects. I am all over the web and now I am going to let you know where you can find me!
Trendy Biz Mom is taking the internet by Storm ;)

My newest project is I figured I would try to do an online Radio Station for the Boss Babes out there. My hope is that I can get some more listeners and I can advertise for some other Boss Babes to help spread the word about their business.
So You can find me on Caster.Fm.

I also have a small PodCast where I talk about Family, life , Business and trying to balance it all. I love using Anchor for my podcast it makes it so easy! <------ You can listen here!

I have my own Facebook page where I promote my products as well! So if you are a Facebook user you can like my page and follow me there.

Google+ is where you can find me also. Although I'm not as busy on there as I should be :P But you can find and follow me there as well.

Send me a Tweet on Twitter!

You can also check out my Website which displays this blog and all my business pages! It's a great place to find me all in one place without having to hop around everywhere!

Thanks so much for all my readers and followers. I want us to be able to build a strong community of people who support each other.

For those who may just want to email me Directly and ask questions you may do so at

Well other than my business pages that's about all the places to find me. Well of course on blogger here as well!  But again the best way to find out more or find all my resources check out my website.  See you around :D

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Let's Talk Makeup

So here is one thing I don't under. In all the years I've been wearing Makeup I do NOT understand why the makeup companies feel like they have to degrade us as women. I mean have you ever read some of the names they put on makeup.

Nars Loves to use the word Orgasm. Maybe it's just me and I'm old fashioned but my makeup has never given me an orgasm and usually after such acts my makeup is a mess and frankly not something I was thinking about in the moment.

BareMinerals Eye Shadow named Sex Kitten. Okay first of all I am not 16 or 18 for that matter so I don't consider myself a Kitten. (could be an age thing again). Second of all why would I want to be called a Sex Kitten let alone wear anything with that name. Some people may think it's sexy. Personally I feel like they use the "Sex sells anything" to seriously.

Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tart named Hoochie. Come on now. Why would anyone like being called Hoochie. For that matter if someone asked you what you were wearing would you really want to say, I have hoochie on my lips? It's a bit funny could be taken in so many ways.

That's just to name a few there is tons of other ones out there. I don't know maybe you feel sexy when wearing such names on your face and body but personally I feel like a cheap hooker getting ready for the night and it's really not something I want my kids wearing when they get older.

Now onto some makeup that I do enjoy wearing. Thanks to Shine Cosmetics - The new voice makeup I can wear great makeup that I feel good about. They host a wide variety of names to help you feel empowered while you wear their makeup. Here are a few.

Shine BB Cream named Awaken. It's a great light toned BB cream without an obnoxious name.

Shine Lip Gloss named Admired - This is a wear everyday light pink color. And really is something to be admired for.

Shines Eye Shadow named Divine - Long lasting eye shadow in a deeper color that truly is a Divine look on anyone.

I don't know about you but I would rather wear makeup with this name so when people ask what I am wearing I can proudly tell them and not feel like cheap and degraded.

If you want to learn more about this company and your products you may do so HERE

Her makeup is all Shine - Isn't it beautiful!

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