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Friday, June 15, 2018

Where to find me!

As many of you know I am involved in a lot of projects. I am all over the web and now I am going to let you know where you can find me!
Trendy Biz Mom is taking the internet by Storm ;)

My newest project is I figured I would try to do an online Radio Station for the Boss Babes out there. My hope is that I can get some more listeners and I can advertise for some other Boss Babes to help spread the word about their business.
So You can find me on Caster.Fm.

I also have a small PodCast where I talk about Family, life , Business and trying to balance it all. I love using Anchor for my podcast it makes it so easy! <------ You can listen here!

I have my own Facebook page where I promote my products as well! So if you are a Facebook user you can like my page and follow me there.

Google+ is where you can find me also. Although I'm not as busy on there as I should be :P But you can find and follow me there as well.

Send me a Tweet on Twitter!

You can also check out my Website which displays this blog and all my business pages! It's a great place to find me all in one place without having to hop around everywhere!

Thanks so much for all my readers and followers. I want us to be able to build a strong community of people who support each other.

For those who may just want to email me Directly and ask questions you may do so at

Well other than my business pages that's about all the places to find me. Well of course on blogger here as well!  But again the best way to find out more or find all my resources check out my website.  See you around :D

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